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Disinfectant Fog

Weed Control

Ant Control

Cockroach Control

Termite Control

Rodent Control

Bed Bug Control

Roof Vacuuming


The price of a pest control service is a frequently asked question, and concern, for many home and business owners when considering professional assistance in eliminating a pest from their premise. As there are various factors that determine the specific treatments provided to our clients, and thus pest control prices, it’s very difficult for us to provide you with an accurate price for our pest treatments online.

How much does pest control cost?

The list of factors which contribute to the overall cost of treating a pest infestation are:

Type of pest – The overall pricing the pest control service depends on type of pest which is infesting your premises. The cost of getting rid of ants differs from the price of treating a rodent problem as different solutions are needed to resolve each issue.

Size of infestation – The size and extent of a pest infestation in your home or business affects the pest control pricing offered. For example, removing a large, established cockroach infestation will take longer and cost more than treating a small, contained cockroach problem that is treated quickly.

Type of treatment – The overall costs of pest control services offered to you will also depend on type of pest control treatment required to eliminate a pest problem. For example, using insecticide sprays to control bed bugs differs from using a chemical free heat pod treatment to eliminate them and the price will reflect the methods and complexity of treatments used. Similarly, the pricing for preventive pest control varies from the cost of corrective, reactive treatments.

Size of property – The size of the property plays a part in the cost of a pest control service. The larger the premises, the more time is required to successfully treat a pest problem. This will have an effect on the cost of the treatment needed to eliminate the pest.

Number of treatments – Certain types of pests may require multiple treatments for successful control. This can be reflected within the pricing of the pest control service. For example, the price of ant treatment is less than the cost of a mouse treatment, as getting rid of mice requires multiple visits by our qualified pest controllers to ensure the problem is completely resolved.

What is the difference between Home and Business solutions?


The pricing of pest control solutions will differ between homes and businesses as their needs are different. Residential pest control is often only required for a single service, i.e., for a rodent problem or treating a cockroach infestation.


Commercial properties often require ongoing support to comply with specific laws such as food safety. Long term support for businesses, in the form of an integrated pest management program, will have an impact on the price of the services provided.

1. Contact
We will arrange for your local branch to contact you.
Local experts We’ll return you call as soon as possible (Mon – Fri)

2. Survey
We will discuss your pest problem, arrange a survey if necessary, and provide a quote and recommendations.
Appointment at a time convenient to you
Solutions tailored to your pest problem
SAPCA Certified and Registered under Act No. 36 of 1947

3. Treatment
Our SAPCA certified technicians will come out to provide your treatment
Appointment at a time convenient to you
Environmentally sensitive approach
Child & Pet friendly treatments
Strictly no use of Methyl Bromide or Aluminum Phosphide Products.

4. Aftercare
We’ll do follow up service to ensure your problem is resolved, should problem persist after 21 days
within the 3 months guarantee given.
Guaranteed solutions
Prevention/ Care treatment advice

Why do you need an inspection or site visit?

Pest Control Inspection / Site Visit

To enable us to provide you with an accurate price for treating a pest problem, it requires our expert to fully understand the exact pest species and extent of your infestation in order for them to recommend and quote for the appropriate treatment to get rid of pests from your home or business.

What takes place during a pest reporting:
A consultant will contact the customer to discuss the pest infestation.
A suitable time will be arranged to visit the property to fully understand the extent of the pest infestation.
Our experts will inspect all relevant areas of the property for signs to confirm the extent of pest activity.
Findings will be discussed with the customer and the most appropriate and effective treatment will be recommended to resolve the pest problem.
An accurate quote for the recommended treatment will then be provided.
Our surveyors will also offer pest proofing and hygiene advice to prevent future infestation.

Why do we use safer Fumigation procedures?

We do not use Methyl Bromide or Aluminum Phosphide products. Learn more here. At EcoSmart Pest Control we take safety very seriously

Why Eco Smart?
  • Safe, Quick and Reliable
  • Technical Expertise
  • Professional Services
  • Excellent After Care Services
  • SAPCA Certified and Registered under Act No. 36 of 1947

Why choose ecosmart Pest control

  • Locally Managed & Operated
  • Free Inspection & Estimate
  • Prompt Service
  • Results 100% Guaranteed
  • Fully Trained, Licensed & Insured Staff

Eco-Smart Pest Control also does roof vacuuming, where we clean your ceiling by removing any debris, building rubble and old insulation and treat for rodents and crawling insects (like bird lice). If required, we also install new insulation, the product we use is environmentally friendly (being made from recycled material) and safe.

Specialist services

Our technical expertise has always been a key element of our business, enabling us to deliver professional services to protect your business


What You Get


We do fumigation of grain and other dry commodities


Fumigation of building and warehouses


Fumigation in restaurants against cockroaches


Control of rodents and similar pests


Termite control in gardens, buildings etc.


Our main objective is to maintain a healthy, clean, pest free environment for our valued customers.


Our mission is to be the preferred Pest Control and Hygiene Services Company to our Clients, that offer versatile, sustainable and green solutions, thereby transforming the communities we do business with.

We Aim to SERVE


We see the future as a greener one;


We engage our customers to ensure we understand their specific needs;


We continuously reinvent to find better, greener solutions;


Results and relationships are equally valued;


We embody these values, live them each day and become a consistent service provider.