Roof Vacuuming

Why you should vacuum your ceiling:

  • It reduces the amount of hazardous dust coming through the ceiling and light fixtures.
  • To remove a possible source of disease (disintegrating rat, bat and bird faecal matter).
  • It reduces the risk of allergies such as asthma, hay fever and skin irritations.
  • To remove any bird’s nests or rodent carcasses.
  • Reduce dust mite and bird lice infestation by removing and treating breeding areas.

What we do:
Firstly we remove any dust, dirt and rubble from your ceiling cavity. We then vacuum the cavity and place wax rodent bait in the ceiling. Finally we spray an eco-friendly contact residual insecticide on all the surfaces to treat for (but not limited to) dust mites, bird lice and cockroaches.

Optional extra services
On request, and for an additional fee, we can also

  • Remove and replace old insulation
  • Sanitise the cavity using an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial spray
  • Clean out all gutters
  • Household pest control
  • Bird control

Contact us on 011 660 7436 for a free, no obligation ceiling vacuum quotation.