east rand

East Rand:

The East Rand, with its mix of industrial and residential areas, presents a distinct set of pest control challenges. EcoSmart Pest Control is your trusted partner in pest management, offering precise solutions that cater to the specific needs of this dynamic region. We understand the intricacies of the East Rand and provide services that are tailored to address the unique pest challenges in this area.

Regardless of your location within these diverse regions, EcoSmart Pest Control is your go-to pest management partner. Our comprehensive services cover everything from pest inspections and treatments to preventative measures, ensuring that your space remains pest-free. Our experienced technicians are intimately familiar with the distinct pest challenges present in each of these locations. This knowledge allows us to provide customized and effective solutions that truly work.

Whether you call Johannesburg, West Rand, or East Rand home, you can rely on Eco-Smart Pest Control to safeguard your property from unwanted pests. Our commitment to excellence and eco-conscious practices ensures that your pest control needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism. 



“Thank you EcoSmart Pest Control. No more termite problems. Great service.”

Jane Rice

“We experienced an ant problem for many years… finally we have found a reliable pest control company to get rid of our ant problem once and for all. Thanks EcoSmart!”

Stefan van der Kloof

“First we had a problem with cockroaches, and then termites came from the ground. We felt we were being invaded. We found EcoSmart Pest Control online and couldn’t be any happier with the fast and effective service we received. Thanks guys.”

Brad Walton